What is our life’s purpose?

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For those of you who don’t know, I’ve always been a truth-seeker and a philosopher. I’m always on the lookout for answers that can bridge both science and spirituality together. I even joked about with my fiance Jojo that she was dating an 81-year-old grandad, who’s trapped in a 30-year-old body. 😂 As the launch date of our “Live Your Truth” Podcast series is getting closer, I’ve been inspired once again by the deep-level of philosophical thinking ( Hey! I’m a Philosopher after all ☺ ) After a great discussion within Sam Wilde’s post recently regarding our journey in finding our life’s purpose, and what our purpose really is, here is my perspective and my understanding of the universal truth: …

Why Most Goals Setting Does Not Work

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You may have come across a process called “Goals Setting”, which involves the development of an action plan designed to motivate and guide a person or group toward a goal.   Today goal setting is a major tool of the personal-development and entrepreneurial space, used by many life and business coaches. Despite the obvious traction, I am here to tell you that, “Most Goals Setting Does Not Work”. Specifically, it is not that the process itself does not work. The real problem is that most people, especially entrepreneurs, set the wrong goals in life, thinking that is their goal. These are the very same people who struggle to stay motivated in their daily life, assuming that there may be something wrong …

Dare to Dream Big

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Dare to dream big, why not? Because it sounds too ridiculous to other people? Screw their thoughts! Their thoughts don’t pay your bills. I use to never really dared to dream big because it sounds scary and seems a lot of work to get there because I never knew “how” to achieve it. That sounds like the best excuse not to go for what you want right? However, letting go the need to know “how” has just helped me focus on taking actions that help me achieve my end results, which leads me closer to achieve my dreams. Stay focused on your own path even if it’s bumpy, hard, high and tough. But other people’s look greener and better than …

How much does poor Leadership cost you?

How much does poor leadership cost you?

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Poor leadership can cost you your company culture, bottom line, team morale and turnover of great team members leaving the team. They leave their jobs for many different reasons, sometimes it is the attraction of a new job with a higher salary, larger organisation, internal or external factor. Would better leadership in the company influence the team members to stay even if they know that there are potentially better opportunities out there? Better leadership in a company can also improve the following things in the company. Team Morale Communication Empowerment Growth Team Bonding Respect Performance Developing Potential leaders Motivate and Inspire It can also minimise the following factors that cause company cultures to falter. Conflicts with team members (office politics) …

Boundaries are a illusion

Boundaries are an illusion

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I had a very interesting discussion with someone yesterday evening, who really struggled about setting up boundaries. To which I responded with, “I have no boundaries in life. I only have my Values and Priorities.” The way I see it is that “boundaries”, like “Rules”, are fixed, and what do most people do with rules? They either bend them or break them. I personally don’t have any boundaries, because it creates separation and a false sense of loyalty, and to which “loyalty” is just another illusion. No one is ever truly loyal to you, but only to his or her own personal values. So it does not matter what boundaries or you rules you set in your life, someone is …

Jono's Health Transformation Journey

Commitment To My Own Health

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What I learnt through consciously deciding to commit to my own health. My biggest weakness is my weight over the last couple of years and it really showed being with my partner in a 7 and a half year relationship, the photos over the years of us together really showed how much I struggled with my weight. At the start of the relationship, I was 115kg (18 stone). Now I am at around 87kg (13.7 stone) and in between, I have been going up and down in my weight. It really got to the point where I just got tired of being tired, lethargic, low on energy and burning out quickly from working and that contributed to holding me back …

Breaking Limiting Beliefs

Breaking Those Limiting Beliefs

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We all hear everyone talk about limiting beliefs in the personal development industry. What is it really and how has it stopped you from achieving what you want in life? Our limiting beliefs are disempowering stories and excuses that we make up in our mind to tell ourselves what we can’t do and why we can’t do it. Limiting beliefs are assumptions that hold us back in life. Assumptions such as: It won’t work There is no way out I don’t know how It’s too risky I won’t be able to pull it off I don’t want to bother people It’s not my fault I can’t Limiting beliefs are thought-based, disempowering stories. When we tell ourselves the same story over …

Playing to Win

Playing to Win in Life

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Are you playing to win in life or are you just going to settle with what you know? This is a question I have recently asked myself because I got so fed up with settling with what I know. That was also the reason why I decided to learn more, grow more, earn more and push myself beyond my comfort zones to be better than who I was the day before. Why are you pushing yourself so hard? The reason why I choose to push myself so hard and set high standards is because I want a better life for myself, family and my friends in my inner circle of network. The more that I grow as an individual the …

3 Killer Leadership Mistakes

3 Leadership Mistakes That Kills Company Culture

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Over the years of working in different sizes of companies from Start-up’s, SME’s to Corporate, I noticed that most companies make these 3 Leadership mistakes that kills the company culture that they’re unaware of. This is normal as we’re all just human beings at the end of the day and we will make mistakes, however it is the difference of the leaders knowing that they made mistakes and will implement changes to correct them and those that know it is a blind spot and will put in processes in place to make sure it doesn’t happen again. The following 3 mistakes are ones that I noticed kills Company Culture and overall the company suffers in all areas. 1. Not listening …