Know Your Worth

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This is a very high-value blog post as we will be sharing with you the Traits of High Self Worth People. When you’re young, it’s important to validate yourself and know exactly who you are and don’t make it dependent on the outside world, friends, or social media are saying. You have to set your own standards and have high self-worth.

  • They set boundaries and respect others boundaries
  • They do not need or thrive on validation and praise
  • They do not have issues with rejection, criticism or blame
  • They avoid manipulation and guilt by others
  • They tend to Live in the present moment
  • They get personal satisfaction and fulfilment from hobbies and work achievements
  • They have healthy communication skills, they listen to understand, rather than respond
  • They have an internal sense they are enough and clearly understand their worth
  • They have a clear path when it comes to virtues and values
  • They have no fear of self-expression and take full responsibility for their actions
  • They have no fear of intimacy
  • Self-care is a primary life path, they avoid being a pleaser or rescuer
  • They continue to grow into consciousness and awareness
  • They never compare themselves to others, financially, physically or intelligently
  • They are in control of their own life
  • They tend to create balance with everything that comes their way, good or bad
  • They have a clear understanding that emotions and feelings are natural, and they tend to avoid using their imagination to add negative feelings to the emotions

It is the sense of one’s own value or worth as a person, however, there are many ways for a people to value themselves and assess their worth as a human being and some are more psychologically beneficial than others. It is a judgement of oneself as well as an attitude towards oneself. Self-esteem encompasses beliefs and emotions such as triumph, despair, pride and shame. It is attractive as a social psychological construct because it is an influential predictor of certain outcomes, such as academic achievement, happiness, satisfaction in marriage and relationships and criminal behaviour.

“Live Life With No Limits!”

Ich Loc & Jonathan Poon

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