3 Killer Leadership Mistakes

3 Leadership Mistakes That Kills Company Culture

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Over the years of working in different sizes of companies from Start-up’s, SME’s to Corporate, I noticed that most companies make these 3 Leadership mistakes that kills the company culture that they’re unaware of.

This is normal as we’re all just human beings at the end of the day and we will make mistakes, however it is the difference of the leaders knowing that they made mistakes and will implement changes to correct them and those that know it is a blind spot and will put in processes in place to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

The following 3 mistakes are ones that I noticed kills Company Culture and overall the company suffers in all areas.

1. Not listening to their team members.

Leaders that don’t tend to listen to their team like feedback, new perspectives on how to improve the work environment generally lose the teams trust, leaving the team feeling undervalued and not heard. They start to suffer in silence as they have emotionally disconnected from the role and the company itself, they lost motivation and become uninspired about what they do as they feel unheard. They won’t feel as they are apart of the family or the team and can cause the loss of morale as the energy vibe will rub off each other in the Company Culture environment.

2. Not giving the team enough information

When Leaders inform their team that there are changes taking place in detail, when it will take place and how they can implement it without affecting the team morale. Giving the benefits and the disadvantages of the changes will highlight that you care about them and how it may affect them but it gives them time to reflect on the end result that needs to be achieved and how they will be apart of it. They will ask for feedback about how they feel about the changes and if there is anything else they can do to help them ease into the new changes taking place.

When delivering bad news, they fail to communicate any information to the team as they feel it will affect the team morale, however by not even telling the team about the bad news will just lose their trust especially when changes take place without any communication.

3. Not helping their team grow as individuals

In the sporting industry, we always hear about the success of the people and they always have a coach that helps them succeed. However, in the business world, we seem to forget that even as individuals, we need to learn and progress to help with our work. Leaders that invest time to coach their team are likely to feel more valued, more driven and more inspired to do their jobs. Leaders that can increase the team’s productivity and develop more leaders within the team makes it easier for them to step away at times knowing they have the ability to handle things themselves as they have built up that confidence and belief in themselves.

Coaching doesn’t have to require big budgets or long training programmes, it is quite a simple process of helping the team acquire and learn the skills that they need to become better and making it easier for them to achieve their end results.

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