Some of our clients testimonials..

Belinda McWilliams - Founder of The Lady Belin Show

Belinda McWilliams
Founder of The Lady Belin Show

“What I needed and was looking for was clarity.  I had so many things and ideas I wanted to do and I was already involved in a lot of things but I needed to have clarity of my point A and point B and the direction to getting there.  I needed to know what and where to focus my time and energy on.

It has been a journey of rediscovering my strengths with Limit Break Lifestyle, and positioning myself where I can make a difference in the world especially in the lives of young people.”



“What was an informal chat with Ich turned into a powerful clarity session, after he decided to reschedule to assist me immediately.

Having worked with many coaches in the past, I was extremely happy with the results from this session, through Ich’s exceptional skill and patience, plus some powerful lines questioning, our work allowed me to go deeper into the detail of my purpose, and I was able to pursue onwards with my vision with renewed and more powerful momentum.”

David Tang - Founder of David Tang Coaching

David Tang
Founder of David Tang Coaching

“Before I started my journey with Limit Break Lifestyle, I was a negative person who blames people and life when I’m not happy.  I felt guilty for my father’s suicidal death and had thought about breaking up with my fiancée.

Since doing the work and training that Limit Break Lifestyle have provided, I’ve forgiven myself for the death of my father.  I have been 100% honest with my fiancée and now we are the happiest we’ve ever been.  I’ve learnt that how I think and feel is all my responsibility and I am in full control of my life.”

Tayler Thuong Nguyen - Founder of Tayler Thuong Photography

Tayler Thuong Nguyen
Founder of Tayler Thuong Photography

“My journey with Limit Break Lifestyle has given me a new experience where I learnt about different people values and their behaviour. They have helped me to realise that my father does love me, but it was my beliefs that blinded that fact.

Limit Break Lifestyle has also improved my relationship with my partner David. Before he was considering letting go of our relationship, but now we are not just lovers but each other’s best friend.

I have learnt about my own truth, clarity and love in order to live life where I’m no longer stuck in the past with the two men I love most.

There were always two beautiful brothers that were there for me no matter where they were in the world or what they were doing. You will always feel love.”

Kim Nguyen & Kofi Ansah - Founders of K&K Lab

Kim Nguyen & Kofi Ansah
Founders of K&K Lab

“Both Ich and Jonathan’s passion and drive for what they do is impeccable!

When one is passionate and love what they do, it’s easily seen in their actions and everything they do. This greatly fits these Limit Breakers.

Being a student under Limit Break Lifestyle with my fiancée has been one of the best things we’ve done since launching our business. It’s been a great eye-opener and it’s been a good, rewarding input to how we think and manage aspects of our business.

What’s so amazing, being under Jonathan and Ich’s coaching, is that they dedicate their time in a way that leaves you energised with new ideas, inspired and determined once a session is done. It almost leaves you wanting more of their time, even after an always over-run session due to the value they gives.

Our six weeks with Limit Break Lifestyle allowed us to come out with an understanding of our business idea, our personal brands, great strategies and many great advices. Ich and Jonathan’s method of coaching leaves you actually putting in work and putting together actual results that become great assets in filling in the dubious gaps.

I have personally gained loads from their coaching. One I highly recommend and one I wish would keep going for as long as possible if I had it my way.”

Lisa Fernandez - Conscious Relationship Coach

Lisa Fernandez
Conscious Relationship Coach

““I had a clarity call with Ich at a time when everything was so unclear and chaotic in my world.

We had a Skype call and he was so reassuring and compassionate, and he helped me to get to the core of me, underneath all the stickiness.

What he helped me with was, to sieve through the stuff that was coming up and to help me connect to the core of my heart & being, beyond the noise and all the distractions.

I was then able to see a way forward, and even some action steps to take.

He was kind enough to check in with me a few times afterwards and even offered some support with taking a look at some of the things I was looking to take action on.

A true blessing and a gentleman too!

I would really recommend a session with Ich if you’re feeling unsure of what’s next, he will help you get to what’s really real for you and guide you to see your own way, which in my opinion is very empowering to the individual.”

Darren Webber - Found of Whoop Creative

Darren Webber
Founder of Whoop Creative

“Jono supported me to unearth possibilities for myself and to encourage me to build the steps and confidence needed to achieve them. He is intuitive and creative. He has helped me look outside traditional management ideas in my goals, to develop and be able to manage change in both work and lifestyle. I find his style of working very productive and is live talks engaging, he encourages me to look for innovative yet practical and effective ideas. He helped me work through my plans and how to make sure they happen.

He has been incredible at coaching me to build resilience and self esteem at times when I have ‘dared’ to take on challenging goals in my business venture. Without Jono I may well still be doing the previous 8-6 job wondering “what if”. So pick up the phone, open a new email, and let these guys break your limit too.”

Julia Duong - Founder of Julia Light Healing

Julia Duong
Founder of Julia Light Healing

“Jono is my mentor and a person whom I would now consider a part of my soul family, he may be the only male I have ever encountered who holds no judgement to a person whatsoever, his eyes hold so much empathy and this was when it hit me. This man, this soul, there is nothing I could have said which could possibly have tilted him.

I decided to tap into the core of my shadow, by sharing chapters from my personal life. Events, I personally, perceived as a battlefield within the depths of my own mind. Yet, still Jonathan did not blink. He listened. He questioned. He challenged my shadow until I was no longer afraid to face myself.

Jono’s ability to be of service to all of creation itself is beyond inspiring. I’m certain, within the first 5 minutes of working with this gentleman, your soul will instantly know, you’ve made the right choice and this is a mentor who will not provide you with bullshit. You have to be willing to work, in order for changes to occur and believe me, this man will provide you with the correct tools to transform your life.

This is a man who is fuelled with empathy, with passion, and truly honours his every word.