What is our life’s purpose?

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For those of you who don’t know, I’ve always been a truth-seeker and a philosopher. I’m always on the lookout for answers that can bridge both science and spirituality together. I even joked about with my fiance Jojo that she was dating an 81-year-old grandad, who’s trapped in a 30-year-old body. 😂

As the launch date of our “Live Your Truth” Podcast series is getting closer, I’ve been inspired once again by the deep-level of philosophical thinking ( Hey! I’m a Philosopher after all ☺ )

After a great discussion within Sam Wilde’s post recently regarding our journey in finding our life’s purpose, and what our purpose really is, here is my perspective and my understanding of the universal truth:


After investing years of being on this journey of self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-mastery, I’ve realised that we all have the same one purpose, and that is to “Create What We Love”, which will inevitability serve the world.

Where our purpose differs is the fact that we all love to create different things. We are the Creator. That is what Sadhguru meant when he talked about “Just Living” without purpose. The Buddhists also understood this, and teach the art of purposeless or meaningless living.

In a sense, they are saying “Live Your Truth and Create What You Love” – Just Be.

Just be YOU. The real you, and the real you – your true nature – is a Creative Being. And your True Purpose – is to Create.

The way I like to see this, and have come to understand on a deeper level is –

“Connecting Dots that has never been connected before”.

Someone may have invented the wheel before, but someone else created the tyre. It was the “Bridging” of two different things, bringing them together that we have high-quality wheels for automobiles. Without this creation, we could never achieve high-speed traveling on the road.

Steve Jobs had two greatest passion: Technology and Literature Art.

The average person may think that these two have nothing to do with one another, but it was Steve who brought the two together, connecting the dots, creating Font Type.

Every newborn baby is born with all their brain neurons connected to one another. Depending on the activity and interests of the child as it grows, will the neuron start to weaken or strengthen. This is also how the universe is.

Over time, the universe keeps growing and keeps losing “metaphysical neurons” – creations that may have once existed once before, but are now lost, which requires reconnecting again. Or creations that already exists, but can be enhanced and improved (such as the wheel).

To me, this is what Creation really is, and we Human Beings are the “Bridge” between Consciousness – Will (also referred to as God or The Father in religious scriptures), and the Universe – Nature (also referred to as Mother Earth and Gaia in myths).

We are the Child (also referred to as Children of God, and Seeds of the Earth) – We are the bridge, both the creation and the creators.

We are the seed, which grows to be the tree, bearing (creating) fruits that will serve the rest of the world. Such is the circle of life – This, is our “Purpose”.

There is a saying that goes:

“The Sun doesn’t shine for itself, it just shines, which benefits mankind. And the flowers don’t bloom for themselves, they just bloom, which benefits the world.”


So now you know what really goes on inside the mind of this short but wise Chinese fella, and it’s just my perspective of things! But I hope it serves those of you who are reading and still seeking your purpose.

Until then, stay strong, stay focused, and stay shining brightly. ☀🌟

Ich Loc

P.S: Stay tuned for our “Live Your Truth” Podcast coming out this month! Make sure you download it 🙂

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