Here you will find various Products, Services and Tools that have helped us transform every area of our lives. We have invested heavily into our education with online courses, attended various seminars, workshops, read books, learnt new tools and dug up the best resources along the way to help grow our online businesses, as well as for our own personal growth and development. We get asked a lot of the time about what sort of tools, products or services do we specifically use. So we’ve decided to list all the products and resources here that we use for ourselves, or have used previously and have found them useful.

This page is for us to share with you the best resources that we have come across, and that we believe will help you along the way in improving different aspects of your life. Whether it is online business tools, fitness, health, building a passive income online, automating your business or improving your relationships.

This page may contain some affiliate links, which means that if you purchase a product through one of them, then we will be receiving commission for it (at no extra cost to you). We only ever endorse products and services that we have personally use and benefitted from them personally. Thank you for your support! 


Website & Blogging – One of the best blogging platforms in the world also a great Content Management System that we use for this website. It’s 100% free and very easy to setup.

Themeforest – We use Themeforest as well to find website templates for our own project websites.

OptimizePress – We use this for our Sales Pages, Opt-in/Squeeze Pages and Membership Sites


Video Equipment & Software

Rhode Microphone – Used to record our audio programs

Webinar Jam – What we are using to host our Monthly Hangouts

YouTube – Used to upload our videos on our Limit Break Lifestyle Academy Channel



Smart Hosting – We use Smart Hosting to host our website projects

Godaddy – We use Godaddy to buy our domain names, they are normally less than £10, signing up with Smart Hosting also provides you a FREE Domain.


Outsourcing Work

Odesk – Where we outsource specific tasks or work that we need for our websites, you can find anything on here, from graphics, online marketing tasks, virtual assistants and copywriters.

Fiverr – A great variety of tasks that can be done by specialists for $5, these small tasks that you get someone else to do can save you a lot of time doing it yourself.

Elance – Similar to Odesk, you can outsource tasks or work here.


Online Marketing

WarriorForum – A great online internet marketing community where you can learn more about online marketing, meet other internet marketers, find useful products and services etc.

Clickbank – One of the most popular digital products retailer where you can sell your own information products through or promote others as an affiliate to earn some extra income.

Aweber – A great email opt-in and broadcasting service provider. We use them for our email newsletters and mailing lists for our projects.

Google Analytics – A Free tool that helps you track all of the statistics from your websites, visitors, traffic sources, how long users spend on the website etc.

Instapage – Used to create high converting landing pages and squeeze pages for websites to generate leads.


Financial Education & Advice

The Richest Man in Babylon – The most fundamental and MUST READ book for all.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad – A great book to get started on developing the financial intelligence to improve on building wealth.

Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind – One of the top books on building the correct “Money Mind-set”. The way you think about money does affect how you attract money into your life.

Tony Robbins – Money Master The Game – Written by Tony Robbins teaching you 7 simple steps to Financial Freedom based on extensive research and one-on-one interviews with more than 50 of the most legendary financial experts in the world. A 7-Step Blueprint for anyone to use.

Think And Grow Rich – One of the most famous and most talked about books in the world; Napoleon Hill, America’s most beloved motivational author, devoted 25 years to finding out how the wealthy became that way. After interviewing over 500 of the most affluent men and women of his time, he uncovered the secret to great wealth based on the notion that if we can learn to think like the rich, we can start to behave like them


Time Management/Productivity

Tony Robbins – RPM Planner – Rapid Planning Method (ROM) – a proven system for taking anything you can envision and making it real, helping you focus on what’s truly most important in your life.

Genius U – A Free platform designed to help you find your natural talent, and your natural path to wealth creation. This is the simpler version of the Wealth Dynamics Spectrum (See Below).

Wealth Dynamics – Find out what talent you are and capitalise on them to follow the path that you love and find out which path you excel at to help you benefit from your natural strengths (This is the more complex version of the Genius U).

Demartini Value Determination – A multi-step process in which you keep refining your answers until your hierarchy of values emerges with crystal clarity.


Health/Fitness – A great community of health, fitness and bodybuilding transformation information that you will need to help you achieve your fitness goals. – A great inspiration and fitness model on how he relates working out to enduring life challenges and developing the mentality to face challenges in life.

Nutri Bullet Ninja – A great blender to blend healthy shakes daily.



Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus – The legendary relationships guide that mothers recommend to their daughters, friends give as gifts and brothers steal from their sisters,  this book is inarguably the definitive book on having a happy relationship.

The Heart of Love – From finding your soul mate, reigniting the spark in a longtime relationship. This book helps you understand what really drives human behaviour in romance, business and families; and assures you that you can have the kind of relationships you’d love to have, whether they’re lasting or brief, intensely intimate or just for fun. This book played a big part as a guidance for Ich – from his heartaches to finding the love of his life; and was the inspiration for him becoming an expert in the field of Attraction. 

How Nice Guys Can Finish First: Part One – This book dives deeply into the reason why – like the cliché, women tend to be attracted towards the so called “Bad Boys”, and what are the typical “Nice Guys” doing (or not doing) so wrongly that ends up putting themselves in the “Friend Zone” all the time.

How Nice Guys Can Finish First: Part Two – This book dives deeply into the minds of women, and how they categorise the different men in their life. You will learn the answers to one of the most crucial question that most men spend their entire lives trying to figure out with little to no success: “What do women want from a man?”


Other Useful Books/Programs/Events

The 4 Hour Work Week – Written by Tim Ferriss on how to escape the 9-5, creating passive income streams, automating your businesses and outsourcing to help you achieve your lifestyle, travelling the world, creating and living the lifestyle that you’ve always wanted.

Tony Robbins – Awaken The Giant Within – How to become better in all areas of your life and taking control of your own life.

Tony Robbins – Get The Edge – A 7 day audio program that transformed our lives.

Brendon Burchard – The Motivation Manifesto – A poetic and powerful call to reclaim our lives to find our own personal freedom.

How to Win Friends and Influence People – This classic book will turn your relationships around and improve your interactions with everyone in your life.



Tony Robbins – An Entrepreneur, Author and Peak Performance Strategist having reached over 3 million people through his live events and over 50 million people through his self-development programs and books. He’s an inspirational figure that has completely transformed our lives and a mentor of ours.

TED Talks – A great resource to listen to some of the most inspirational people around the world in their fields.

Brendon Burchard – Another great mentor of ours, one of the most followed personal development trainers of our time, a global top 100 most followed public figure, a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Trainer and Speaker for other mentors.

Dr John Demartini – An Author, Educator, Business Consultant, Leadership Expert and Founder of the Demartini Institute.

Roger Hamilton – A world renowned Futurist and Social Entrepreneur, the founder of Entrepreneurs Institute and the creator Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics Profiling Systems used by over 250,000 entrepreneurs to follow their flow.

Frank Kern – The #1 Online Marketing Expert in the industry, teaching entrepreneurs how to make money online using the latest online marketing strategies including video marketing courses.

Wilson Luna – An internationally recognised small business expert who helps thousands of businesses each year produce outstanding results.

Bob Proctor – A practitioner of “Think And Grow Rich”, featured in the film “The Secret”; Bob Proctor has very profound philosophies on how the human mind works, and helps people how to shift their paradigms and break free of limiting beliefs.


This page is constantly being updated, so make sure you keep checking in to see what is new!

If there are any specific area of your that life you require knowledge and guidance in, just post your comment below and we will look into it for you. We may already have a few things for you but may have forgotten to post them up here.


“Live Life With No Limits!”

Ich & Jono