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Limit Break Lifestyle is a training and mentoring provider in high-level Inner Leadership and Advanced Leadership skills for leaders and entrepreneurs, and was founded by Jono Poon.

Limit Break Lifestyle is the creator of Intuitive Leadership, the world's most heart-centred and advanced leadership training for creating World-Class Leaders.

Jono created this company with a passion to inspire and empower others to live a life filled with freedom and fulfilment. He is based in Milton Keynes and is the guy who turns visions into reality, making magic happen in the backend to ensure that our audience goes through a powerful journey to discover their truth.

Ich Loc partnered up with Jono afterwards in being a co-founder of Limit Break Lifestyle, bringing in a higher purpose and mission for the company to serve others in aligning their heart and soul and creating world class leaders. Ich is based in London and he is the visionary and lead speaker and trainer for the organisation. Ich teaches the Intuitive Leadership Training and has over 7 years of personal training and study in self-awareness, spirituality, personal development, leadership, entrepreneurship, intuition, superconsciousness and transformational coaching.

Limit Break Lifestyle is all about inspiring people to find crystal clear clarity in life and to reclaim their personal power, empowering people to step up and choose to be world class leaders and being the light for others. This new way of leadership style and training is based on soul work, self awareness and superconsciousness.

Limit Break Lifestyle works exclusively with leaders, managing directors, experts, and other service professionals such as coaches, speakers, facilitators and thought leaders who want to increase the ability to Inspire their team, Influence others and make an Impact in the world.

Limit Break Lifestyle has been running trainings in the UK and has goals to reach out to the people living in the eastern hemisphere of this world.

Jono and Ich

About Ich Loc

Ich Loc a.k.a. UK’s #1 Clarity Coach is a British-Born-Chinese inspired entrepreneur, business start-up mentor for millennials, and transformational trainer in Influential Leadership.

He is also one of UK’s highest-paid and most-in-demand consultants in the personal development and start-up space.

He is the co-founder of his company Limit Break Lifestyle, specialising in helping millennials who feel lost and stuck, lonely and powerless, to create a life of freedom, love and mastery.

Growing up without any sense of direction or purpose in life, Ich’s passion was buried and eventually became a dropout student from university. As a result, he spent the remaining years of his youth being lost and stuck, simply existing from day to day and never truly living.

Ich turned his life around after spending seven years on a never ending journey of learning in self-awareness, human psychology and mastering the human journey. His new found clarity led him to becoming a student in entrepreneurship, leadership and personal development.

Ich is now a skilled facilitator in high-level training, inspirational speaker, expert in the field of clarity coaching, inspired entrepreneurship and transformational training in advanced leadership development.

As an upcoming social media influencer, Ich Loc’s Instagram is well above 30,000+ followers – a figure that is growing by the day.

His big mission in life is to create influential leaders and entrepreneurs, who inspire the lives of young people and impact the next generation of leaders.


    About Jono Poon

    He is Ich Loc’s business partner, co-founder of Limit Break Lifestyle, and the man behind the company’s success by turning Ich’s grand vision into reality. 

    I grew up following the traditional pathway that was setup for us in life, going to school, college, university and getting a job. Having worked through different stages of career pathways from small businesses to the corporate ladder, I had lost the will to live, the sense of purpose in life, spending my time wondering what life was about.

    I got to the point where I was so lost in my life that I had enough and pursued in my personal development and self-awareness. I decided to take full control of my life again and discover my gift through entrepreneurship, leadership, self discovery and personal development.

    Now I am an Intuitive Leader, inspirational speaker, expert in the field of intuitive leadership development, online marketer, transformational training and self discovery coaching.

    My vision and mission in life is to bring unconditional love to the world, whilst helping individuals who are currently lost or stuck in life to find their clarity and true purpose in life by helping them follow their heart.