The Law of Attraction

Myth 06: The Law of Attraction

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In this episode, Ich and Jono discuss one of the most popular and mainstream concepts known as “The Law of Attraction”.

Have you ever tried to apply this law to work in your favour, yet wondered why it sometimes works, and others don’t?

Listen to this episode and you’ll discover exactly why, and how does the law of attraction actually work. Does it even work? Or is there something else people are not aware of?

Ich and Jono will be sharing with you one of the fundamental principles (or laws) of this universe – The Principle of Vibration.

The purpose of this podcast series is to debunk all of the myths that is floating around in the Spiritual and Personal Development world, where Ich and Jono will also be sharing with you premises that work, in order to help you discover who you truly are, who you can ultimately choose to become, and create real tangible results in life – because your results is all we care about.

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