Find Your Journey and Reclaim Your Power

Most people talk about taking massive action in order to create success. But the problem is that if you take massive action towards the wrong direction, you’re going to achieve the so-called “Success” that does not belong to you. You will end up living someone else’s life, not yours. The best way to create real success that makes you happy and to create fulfilment is by living authentically and in congruent with your highest personal values.

Most people are unhappy with their lives regardless of the amount of progress they make, because the problem is that they set the wrong goals and are not creating what they love. We call this Negative Visions. The Path to Life Mastery and to living your True Nature and Purpose requires you to identify what your True Vision and Higher Calling is, and then to follow through on that by overcoming resistance.

 Lao Tzu

 Lao Tzu

Your life is a journey.

It is a never-ending quest to find yourself; a journey to your heart. This is the reason why some of us seem to always be looking for answers and meanings in life, whilst some of us are already living it. While some of us are living a thriving life driven by passion and purpose doing what we love, there are others who feel dead inside and are simply existing from day to day but are not living at all. Why is there such a big difference in each individual’s life? It is because everyone is going through a different stage of their own life’s journey.

Those who are living a thriving life are currently at the highest stage of their journey; they are living what we call “The Limit Break Lifestyle”. Whereas those who are at the lowest stage of their journey are still struggling to survive; they are still living their life as victims to circumstances. At this two day transformational event, we will take you on a deep and inspirational self-discovery journey down to the very core of your soul, to remind you of who you truly are and where you are meant to go. We will show you how you can take back ownership of your life, reclaim your personal power and identify what you truly love in life.

Once you have found your own personal journey in life, you then have to overcome all the limitations that may hold you back from moving forward. At each stage of our life’s journey comes with a different set of limitations and unless we know what they are, we won’t know what is required in order to overcome them. We will reveal to you what these are.

This Is What You Will Learn:

  • The 5 Stages of Life’s Journey and where you’re currently at
  • How to overcome each resistance at every stages
  • How to overcome anger, depression and anxiety
  • How to identify your highest personal values
  • The 7 Areas of Life
  • How to find your passion and true purpose in life
  • How you are sabotaging your own success
  • How to create loving relationships with yourself and with others
  • How to create a structure that supports you in creating what you love
  • The 5 Levels of Awareness
  • Who you really are and who you’re not
  • How the Law of Attraction really works
  • How to access your Super Consciousness and Intuition at will
  • How to live your True Nature and Purpose – a life of Freedom
  • How to create real Magic and Success
  • How to awaken the leader within you
  • And so much more…

What others are saying..

Our Objectives:


The first step to changing our lives is the power of awareness.


You can’t fix a problem if you’re not aware of the problem to begin with. Likewise, you won’t know where you need to go in life, unless you’re aware of where you are.



By the end of the event, we promise that you’ll have absolute clarity about where you are in life, where you need to go, and what is truly important to you.


Throughout the whole day, we will take you deeper and deeper down this self awareness journey, where by the end of the workshop, we promise that you will walk out with absolute clarity on what your life’s true nature and purpose is.

You will be truly inspired to take action towards embarking on your journey in life.


That is how confident we are in what we can deliver to you on the day.



We have very limited seats available so avoid disappointment and buy your ticket NOW to attend this transformational event.


Join Our Family Of Limit Breakers:

The training finishes no later than 18h00 each day, after which you are invited to join us for drinks and some bonding time at a local bar on the last day of this training. You will be able to meet with other fellow travellers of life and connect with our family of Limit Breakers. Limit Break Lifestyle is all about supporting one another in creating a lifestyle doing what we love, without worrying about external circumstances by following our hearts and living our truth.

Why Is The Event Priced So Low And What Is The Catch?

This training is an introductory training to Limit Break Lifestyle, so we do our best to make sure the event is affordable to those who wish to know what living the Limit Break Lifestyle is all about.

We offer various products, training and coaching programmes that are priced at a higher price point.

Is There Going To Be Any Upsell?

Yes. There will be an invitation to our advanced Intuitive Leadership training programme, but we will NOT be doing any hard sell, because we value authenticity and we know that not everyone is ready to face their Truth and choosing to step up in being a leader.

We understand that not everyone is ready to embark on their personal journey and we respect that. If you enjoy the day and you are inspired to take this to the next level, then you will be invited to join our advanced programme, where you will be trained to become empowered and to overcome all limitations holding you back in life.

Payment options will be available to those who are seriously committed.

How Is This Different To Other Seminars?

We believe that everyone is at a different stage in their life, and if you don’t know which stage you are in, then you won’t know what is stopping you from creating what you want in life. Each stage of your life comes with a different limitation that is holding you back, with fear being one of the most common ones. Once you know exactly where you are in life, you can learn how to break out of your limitations.

This work is based on Self Awareness, Empowering of the Mindset, The Power of Clarity, Intuitive Leadership and High-Level Community Support. Unlike other personal development workshops you may have attended, our true work is all about Self Awareness and Intuitive Leadership Development.

Our purpose is to create world class leaders; highly conscious individuals who will impact and influence this world at the highest level. There is truly nothing like it available anywhere which is why we make the workshop cost effective, so you can test us out and make up your own mind to see whether this is for you or not. If you are interested in attending any of our other trainings, then we will explain this more during our powerful workshop.

Message to the World

Our Message To The World:

“We believe that we are all pure creative souls born into this world with a gift. That gift is the ability to create what we love by following our heart and living our truth.

We were all born a leader, but leadership is a choice. So step up, take ownership and responsibility for your life, and be that shining light for others to follow.”

– “Live a life with no limits!”


Teas & Coffees Provided
Workbooks included only with VIP
Workbooks can be purchased individually for £30 each at the event.

About Limit Break Lifestyle

Jonathan and Ich are the founders of Limit Break Lifestyle. They are experts in the field of Intuitive Leadership Development, and consider the distribution of this expertise as their own purpose in life. This is their service. They offer this primarily through their special Transcendental Training and Creative Coaching packages.

Their passion is lifestyle transformation and can often be found speaking at events, as another way to contribute and serve. Together, they are committed to sharing their priceless knowledge on how you can live your truth and live life on your terms

Important Terms & Conditions

• We can’t guarantee your seat if you arrive later than the promoted start time. So please make sure you are on time.
• This training is only suitable for people who are 18 years of age or above. Under no circumstances will we allow anyone younger into the room.
• You respect your fellow participants and may not promote your products or services at this event.
• If you are currently suffering from or being treated for depression, anxiety, psychosis or any other psychological or nervous condition, or taking any prescribed medication for the treatment or alleviation of the aforementioned conditions, you agree to inform Limit Break Lifestyle understand and agree that Limit Break Lifestyle may have the right to refuse your participation.