2 Day Clarity Power Workshop

If you don’t have crystal clear clarity on where you want to go, then taking massive action in the wrong direction will get you nowhere in life.  Your life is a journey.  It is a never-ending quest to find yourself; a journey to your heart.

We will take you on a deep and inspirational self-discovery journey, down to the very core of your soul, to remind you of who you truly are and where you are meant to go.

We will show you how you can take back ownership of your life, reclaim your personal power and identify what you truly love to create.

2 day Workshop


2 day Workshop

Stage 1 Training in Self Awareness

Break Your Limits is a 3 day high level training designed for creating leaders.  The only thing that creates leaders is tension.  A powerful person such as a king / queen, or the president of a country will always hold the burden and tension of the entire country on their shoulders.

The ability to hang with tension regardless of the circumstances, overcome resistance and break through all limitations, while following through with the truth is what will define you as a true powerful intuitive leader.

This training is going to empower you with the ability to break out of all limitations by being a master of tension.


Stage 1 Training in Superconsciousness

Ignite Your Soul is a 2 day high-level training that reconnects you back to the source of divine creative power of your heart, setting the foundation for Intuitive Leadership.  Intuition is the ability to observe the obvious and allowing you to make connections that has never been made before.  

The gateway to intuition is only through the ultimate state of awareness known as Innocence.

The ability to stay in innocence and consistently rise above the ego to receive divine guidance from your higher power, is what will allow you to access your Super Consciousness and become a powerful intuitive leader.  

This training is going to provide you with the key to accessing your psychic ability at will and understanding the mechanics of high level creating, so that you can create a masterful life that you want to live.

2 day Workshop


Stage 2 Training in Self Awareness & Superconsciousness

Follow Your Heart is a 4 day advanced training that will teach you the secrets of creating magic and synergy in your life.

You live and breathe an illusion, a lie, a distorted version of reality based on your perception.  You are constantly being lied to.  Like a dolphin that lives in the water, you have to come up for air.  You have to rise up and get a higher perspective, then orientate yourself with the truth.  That is what intuition and superconsciousness is all about.

You will discover who you truly are and will awaken as an inspired and intuitive leader by following through with your vision.

Follow Your Heart is available to anyone who has already completed the Break Your Limits 3 day training and Ignite Your Soul 2 day training.

2 day Workshop


2 day Workshop

Stage 3 Training – Retreat in Costa Rica

This is a 7 day immersion in the art of Intuition and Soul work.  Based on a deep understanding of the energy and emotions, it provides a model for consistently transcending Ego based thinking and behaviour, and operating from a high level of awareness.

A humbling experience where the more we learn about ourselves, the more we will realise that we know nothing. You will discover what you are truly capable of manifesting and the art of high level creating.

In order to truly serve you, this high level training can only be facilitated at a location where there is high vibration. That is why the training will take place in Costa Rica, where you can be totally immerse and one with nature, and away from your regular day to day reality.

Transcend Your Ego and Live Your Truth is available to anyone who has already completed the Follow Your Heart 4 day training.


2 Day Workshop

If you ever wondered whether or not you have the qualities of a leader and have the ability to lead your own tribe, the answer is, you do.  Every one of us is born with the gift of leadership, but it is a matter of choice.

Leadership begins when we choose to lead ourselves first. That means taking on responsibilities and choosing to truly serve others with all of our heart.

We will share with you what true leadership really is and why leadership is important for your personal life, business and branding.

We will also reveal to you what are the top three most essential leadership skills to master, and how  you can begin to position yourself as a leader in your industry.

By the end of this two day workshop, you will get a glimpse of how powerful you truly are as a creator of your own life.

2 day Workshop


2 day Workshop

High Level Intensive Advanced Leadership Training

Intuitive Leadership is a new way of leadership based on powerful structures and accessing your super consciousness.

This training is specifically designed to give you the structures that will inevitably create your end results, because it’s the end results that matters when it comes to serving others and changing people’s lives for the better.

It is only for committed individuals who want to take their speaking, coaching, mentoring, facilitating and leadership game to the next level.