Loving Relationship Breakthrough Coaching

£250.00 90 minutes


Do you want to create a Loving Relationship?


I am the blunt and direct, no fluff and truthful coach. So if you’re the type who only wants to hear the things that you WANT to hear, then sorry, I am not that coach for you. I will only tell you what you NEED to hear to get the RESULTS that you want.

At the moment, I only work with leaders, experts, entrepreneurs, small business owners, service professionals such as consultants, speakers, coaches and trainers, who are currently having difficulties in creating a loving and solid relationship with their partner or with other people.


Here is what I Specialise in working with you on:

Creating Loving Relationships – with yourself and with others.
Uncovering your dysfunctional behaviours – how you are sabotaging your relationships without even knowing.
Clarity on what is truly important to you – stop living to please other people.
Finding your Soulmate – and how to keep them!
How to Attract and Connect with the right people in your life.
Improve your current relationship with your parents – who doesn’t want that?
Forgiveness and letting go of the past.
Stay Happy – Everyday!
Personal Empowerment – Emotional Connection with yourself.

This is not for you if:

You are not ready to take responsibility of your own life.
You want to keep blaming others and think that you are still powerless.
You still want to live in your comfort zone.

This is for you if:

You are ready to awaken and step into your leadership.
You want to begin mastering the relationship area of your life.
You want to create loving relationships with the people you care about.

If this sounds like you and you just can’t wait to add more LOVE into your life right now, then book an appointment now.

1 review for Loving Relationship Breakthrough Coaching

  1. 5 out of 5

    Jono is my mentor and a person whom I would now consider a part of my soul family, he may be the only male I have ever encountered who holds no judgement to a person whatsoever, his eyes hold so much empathy and this was when it hit me. This man, this soul, there is nothing I could have said which could possibly have tilted him.

    I decided to tap into the core of my shadow, by sharing chapters from my personal life. Events, I personally, perceived as a battlefield within the depths of my own mind. Yet, still Jonathan did not blink. He listened. He questioned. He challenged my shadow until I was no longer afraid to face myself.
    Jono’s ability to be of service to all of creation itself is beyond inspiring. I’m certain, within the first 5 minutes of working with this gentleman, your soul will instantly know, you’ve made the right choice and this is a mentor who will not provide you with bullshit. You have to be willing to work, in order for changes to occur and believe me, this man will provide you with the correct tools to transform your life.

    This is a man who is fuelled with empathy, with passion, and truly honours his every word.

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