Inspired Entrepreneurship Strategy Boardroom




The Strategy Boardroom is ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to create their own lifestyle business, and for entrepreneurs who are in the startup phase still and requires more clarity in what they are really doing, and how to generate consistent sales.

The Strategy Boardroom is on the 5th May in London, and will be 2 hours long:

1) Where I bring in my Clarity coaching skills to help you get clear on every aspect of your business regarding your business concept, target customer and signature product.

2) We will then transition over to Strategy work to provide you with your 6-months game plan. You will walk home with a tangible blueprint and a solid game plan to start implementing for your business.

On the 5th May, I am hosting two strategy sessions:

1) A morning slot at 9am
2) An afternoon slot at 2pm.

Each slot is limited to 10 people only.

If you are still interested, then let me know which slot you would like to attend.