Follow Your Heart (Advanced Training)


Stage 2 Training in Self Awareness & Superconsciousness

Follow Your Heart is a 4 day advanced training that will teach you the secrets of creating magic and synergy in your life.

You live and breathe an illusion, a lie, a distorted version of reality based on your perception. You are constantly being lied to. Like a dolphin that lives in the water, you have to come up for air. You have to rise up and get a higher perspective, then orientate yourself with the truth. That is what Intuition and Superconsciousness are all about.

You will discover who you truly are and will awaken as an inspired and intuitive leader by following through with your vision.

Follow Your Heart is available to anyone who has already completed the Break Your Limits 3 day training and Ignite Your Soul 2 day training.

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