Digital Consultation Session

£97.00 1 hour

A powerful 1 hour consultation call with Ich Loc or Jono Poon for leaders, entrepreneurs, small business owners, consultants, speakers, coaches and trainers, to draw out the greatest vision and higher calling within you.



“Jono took the time to understand what our company does, who are clients are, what our pricing structure is and how we are currently using social media before doing anything. He offered suggestions on how to bring people to our website through various channels and once there, how to spark their interest into signing up for a trial period through some pretty easy changes. Jono was personable on the phone and was very accommodating to the time zone difference. He provided a great workflow that I am using to implement recommendations including email sequencing and lead magnets. I would strongly recommend working with Jono to get you on track with digital marketing” – Sue Lemm

Jono has worked with me to support a couple of local businesses. He has created a logo and identity for one business, and WordPress website for another, both of which everyone involved has been very happy with. The website has been up and running now for quite a while, there have been no issues at all. Jono hosts the site, set up the business email address, contact us form and built the website. Ongoing we update the content, add blogs and make minor amends every so often when something changes. Couldn’t have been easier to work with Jono, plus cost-effective and very reliable. Jono delivered everything in the timescales which we agreed, in a way that we could work with and to our specific needs. If we have ever needed his help, he has been really accommodating and swift to reply. I’ve been very happy to recommend Jono to other local businesses to provide them with digital support in the past. It is a pleasure to work with Jono.” – Gemma Gibbard

“I have been working with Jono on several projects now and every time he over delivers. Not only he is very detailed and knowledgable , but he is also very passionate about what he does and innovative . He will always give an idea of how we can better things and at the same time is able to understand very clearly what does your business need. Last but not least is works in a great time effective manner.” – Anna Yaramboykova

“Jono recently helped me design a marketing funnel for my business. Before our session I felt confused about how to get my value across so that people could see how I can be of help. I was struggling to organise the funnel, know what to put in, how much to say. Jono walked me through the process and created a very simple flow diagram that has helped me to see exactly what I need to do and how it all fits together. That is so very helpful in picturing the process. I am really grateful to Jono for all his help and to unscramble my brain to create a great, simple funnel for my potential clients to experience and love my services. Thanks Jono!” – Julie Hutchison