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Welcome to “Clarity Breakthrough Online

– How to Find Your Purpose and Create an Inspired Vision

Ich Loc’s 4 Powerful Step-by-Step Processes to Discovering Your:

  1. Personal Values
  2. Personal Brand
  3. Higher Purpose
  4. Soul’s Message

And to Begin Creating What You Truly Love – Your True Vision.


The Question is:

“Do you want to be truly free, have the freedom to be who you truly are, and the clarity to create your legacy?”

If you do then read this page carefully, because the truth is the Clarity Breakthrough Online Program is not for everyone.


The Clarity Breakthrough Online Training Program is ONLY for You if:

  • If you meet the criteria above, then the Clarity Breakthrough Online training program may be what you’ve been looking for. Because once you’ve completed this training program…
  • You are ready to be coached by me; Ich Loc in this intensive 4-module program. Every episode I coach you through a transformational exercise or a powerful process towards self-discovery, so you BECOME TRULY FREE.
  • You are committed and you are willing to go through the ENTIRE Training Program. In return, you will discover your personal TRUTH, get a LIFETIME of CLARITY and finally have the FREEDOM TO BE who you truly are.
  • You know somewhere deep inside, you have that burning desire to bring something important out into this world. You want to create your LEGACY and you are READY TO SHINE your light.

To live a life of Freedom without limits, you only need Crystal Clear Clarity on what your Life Theme is about.

So while other people are still trying to find their passion… pondering about the meaning of life… trying to figure out what their purpose is or what is the point of living… You’ve already got your answers and you’re well on your way to –

  • Attracting the right people into your life
  • Finding the perfect partner and creating a loving relationship
  • Focused on doing what you love the most
  • Creating your new business concept
  • Becoming an Influencer who stands for something
  • Fulfilling your higher calling and true purpose in life
  • Crafting your message to share with the world
  • Making a difference and impact on other people’s lives
  • Living a life of Freedom with no limits


And keep in mind, this is NOTHING like those other typical lousy clarity courses you may find online, where they teach you guided meditation and visualisation processes to make you “feel good” temporarily, or ask you vague questions with lousy exercises that don’t hit the core of who you truly are.

With the powerful processes contained within this Clarity Breakthrough Online training program, you will get a real transformational breakthrough and gain absolute clarity of who you are. And more importantly… who you can ultimately become.

That is once you’ve gone through our Clarity Breakthrough Transformational Processes.


Here’s what you get during the 4-module program:

Module 1:
How To Identify Your Personal Values

Your Personal Values are your compass in life.

If you’re not clear on what they are, you’ll never truly live a fulfilled life.

This is the module where you’ll see how you NEVER need to live under someone else’s values ever again – especially when it comes to living life on your terms.

In fact, the moment you know what is truly important to you, the more successful you’ll be in all areas of your life


Module 2:
How To Identify Your Personal Brand

Your Personal Brand is what you stand for in life.

If you’re not clear on what that is, you’ll never truly be able to create healthy boundaries and relationships.

This is the module where you’ll discover your life and business’ theme – especially when it comes to creating your own business brand.

In fact, the moment you know what you truly stand for, you will begin to attract the RIGHT people and customers into your life.


Module 3:
How To Identify Your Higher Purpose

Your Higher Purpose is your mission in life – what you’re here to do.

If you’re not clear on what that is, you’ll never truly feel that there is any point to even living.

This is the module where you’ll discover your higher calling and your life’s mission – especially when it comes to giving back to others and making a REAL difference in the world.

In fact, the moment you know what your higher calling is, you will begin to live a fulfilling life knowing that you actually matter. Life will begin to have meaning again.


Module 4:
How To Identify Your Soul’s Message

Your Soul’s Message is your gift to the world. It is your personal expression that will connect humanity together.

If you’re not clear on what that is, you’ll never truly make an impact on others’ lives.

This is the module where you’ll discover who you truly are and who you’re meant to become – especially when it comes to creating a real legacy that you want to leave behind in this world.

In fact, the moment you know what your real gift is, you will begin to influence and inspire everyone around you, and you will ultimately make an impact in their lives.



We will offer a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not 100% satisfied with our audio programme within 30 days. All you have to do is email us to let us know, send the product back to us and we will give you a full refund.

No hassle. No grudge. You will even get to keep your online membership account so that you have access to the digital version of the programme online. This is simply our way of saying thank you for your time and trust in us, because we know it will help you reach your next level.

The path to true transformation is within your reach.


So, if you want to:

Get crystal clear clarity and easiest way to live life on your terms…

Become someone of greater value and have a mission that you can work towards creating for a lifetime…

Get personally trained, coached and maybe join our team at Limit Break Lifestyle…

Then this online training program is for you.