Break Your Limits (Advanced Training)


Stage 1 Training in Self Awareness

Break Your Limits is a 3 day high level training designed for creating leaders. The only thing that creates leaders is tension. A powerful person such as a king / queen, or the president of a country will always hold the burden and tension of the entire country on their shoulders.

The ability to hang with tension regardless of the circumstances, overcome resistance and break through all limitations, while following through with the truth is what will define you as a true powerful intuitive leader.

This training is going to empower you with the ability to break out of all limitations by being a master of tension.

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Training Themes:

Day One – Awareness

  • Accessing True Power
  • Core Beliefs
  • Conflicts and Tension
  • Emotion and Energy
  • Consciousness

Day Two – Resistance

  • Focus
  • Structure of the Ego
  • Perception
  • Structure of the Soul

Day Three – Vulnerability

  • Neutralising Ego’s Tension
  • Maintaining Soul’s Tension
  • Accessing High Vibration
  • Ho’o pono pono
  • Validation and Worth

Break Your Limits empowers you with deep Self Awareness and sets the foundation for Intuitive Leadership.