Playing to Win

Playing to Win in Life

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Are you playing to win in life or are you just going to settle with what you know? This is a question I have recently asked myself because I got so fed up with settling with what I know. That was also the reason why I decided to learn more, grow more, earn more and push myself beyond my comfort zones to be better than who I was the day before. Why are you pushing yourself so hard? The reason why I choose to push myself so hard and set high standards is because I want a better life for myself, family and my friends in my inner circle of network. The more that I grow as an individual the …

3 Killer Leadership Mistakes

3 Leadership Mistakes That Kills Company Culture

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Over the years of working in different sizes of companies from Start-up’s, SME’s to Corporate, I noticed that most companies make these 3 Leadership mistakes that kills the company culture that they’re unaware of. This is normal as we’re all just human beings at the end of the day and we will make mistakes, however it is the difference of the leaders knowing that they made mistakes and will implement changes to correct them and those that know it is a blind spot and will put in processes in place to make sure it doesn’t happen again. The following 3 mistakes are ones that I noticed kills Company Culture and overall the company suffers in all areas. 1. Not listening …

Know Your Worth

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This is a very high-value blog post as we will be sharing with you the Traits of High Self Worth People. When you’re young, it’s important to validate yourself and know exactly who you are and don’t make it dependent on the outside world, friends, or social media are saying. You have to set your own standards and have high self-worth. They set boundaries and respect others boundaries They do not need or thrive on validation and praise They do not have issues with rejection, criticism or blame They avoid manipulation and guilt by others They tend to Live in the present moment They get personal satisfaction and fulfilment from hobbies and work achievements They have healthy communication skills, they listen …