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“Where Leaders gather to Master their ability to Inspire, Influence and Impact the World.”

Every month, we will be hosting an evening workshop in London and Milton Keynes to provide you with Advance Leadership, Inner Leadership, and Self Awareness Training.

This is for serious leaders or aspiring leaders who want to take their leadership skill to the next level.

You’ll find our events are designed to deliver 100% content, 100% training, and 100% value – guaranteed.

We charge a low-cost tuition fee of £10 per meetup simply to keep certain attendees out.

If we do not BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY after attending one of our meetups, then ask for your money back.

If you are someone with high expectations, you will appreciate what we have prepared for you.

Join our Meetup group to view our upcoming scheduled events.

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“Finally! An Elite Leadership Group In London and Milton Keynes That Is Designed Specifically For Leaders, CEOs, Managing Directors, Coaches, Consultants, Facilitators, Speakers, Trainers, Experts and Service Professionals Who Want To Master Their Ability to Inspire Their Team, Influence Other People, And Impact The World… Without Pretending to Be Anyone Else But You.”

Our group is focused on one thing – and one thing only – Intuitive Leadership Training.

If you’re unfamiliar with this term, I’ll explain.

Intuitive Leadership is the art and science of an advanced leadership style for those who are ready to step up and become World Class Leaders. It is based on high-level Self Awareness, Structure, Skill-Sets and Strategies.

As most leaders are not ready to take great responsibilities and to work on themselves at the deepest level, this group is NOT for everyone. And please note, not everyone who applies is approved.

Below, I’ve outlined the distinguished men and women who this group is for.

If you are one of the following, our group could be precisely what you’ve been looking for to reach your highest influential goals.

Ich Loc & Jono Poon’s Advanced Leadership Group is for you if…

1) You’re a leader or you are aspiring to become a leader and expert in your industry.

For example, you are a CEO, Managing Director of a company, Facilitator, Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Speaker, Influencer, Expert, and Service Professional, etc…

2) You have a passion for inspiring, influencing and impacting other people’s lives. For example, coaching others, sharing your story to the mass, speaking your truth, facilitating transformational dynamics in large groups, leading your team in creating your vision, being a change maker and creating revolutionary movements, etc…

3) You want to face the truth, take personal responsibilities without blaming others or the world. In other words, you are ready to go balls-deep in learning who you truly are and how you sabotage your own success in life.

4) You are currently the leader of your own life and/or leading your own team and tribe, but would like to step up your game and become a World Class Leader.

If any of the above describes you and your current stage in your leadership journey, you are invited to keep reading.

“Ich & Jono’s Advanced Leadership Group Is Profoundly Different From Other Meetups, Seminars, Or Training You’re Used To” 

At Ich & Jono’s Advanced Leadership Group, you are given the most advanced training, skill-sets, strategies and structure to help you become a more inspiring and influential leader, while also giving you more self awareness and a deeper understanding of who you are and how you can create success in life.

However, apart from using the meetup platform for event announcements and to communicate to our community, Ich & Jono’s Advanced Leadership Group is NOTHING LIKE any other meetups.

1) Our events are held only twice a month. Once in London and once in Milton Keynes.

2) Ich Loc and Jono Poon does not have any home study packages or any coaching package to pitch you. Not even if you asked for it.

The reason Ich and Jono are hosting the group is to fulfill their personal mission of creating World Class Leaders.

You’ll find our events are designed to deliver 100% content, 100% training, and 100% value – guaranteed.

Don’t take my word for it. Talk to our members on Facebook, message them on meetup, and ask around. London and Milton Keynes’ a small place.

3) We value quality and integrity above all else.

We believe in delivering the best training, the best content, the best group culture, and most importantly, bringing together the best group members.

Additional to our monthly meetup, every year, we only host 3 exclusive transformational events in January, May, and September. For each event, we charge 10X – 20X more for our admission compared to other meetups, yet our event is packed with ambitious and growth-oriented leaders.

We charge a higher price simply to keep certain attendees out. That is also the reason why our meetups are not free.

4) We are an established group started in 2016.

Currently, we are 500+ members strong. From the beginning until now, we’ve perfected our events to deliver maximum value every single time.

If you are someone with high expectations, you will appreciate what we have prepared for you.

5) At Ich & Jono’s Advanced Leadership Group, you are learning directly from Ich and Jono themselves.

About Ich Loc and Jono Poon:

Ich and Jono are the founders of Limit Break Lifestyle. They are experts in the field of Intuitive Leadership Development and consider the distribution of this expertise as their own purpose in life. This is their service. They offer this primarily through their special High-Level Advanced Training.

Their passion is leadership, self awareness, life transformation and can often be found speaking at events, as another way to contribute and serve. Together, they are committed to sharing their priceless knowledge on how you can live your truth and leading others to live theirs.

Before applying, make sure you understand…


1) If you are attempting to approach our members in order to sell anything related to home business opportunities, MLMs or anything illegal or unethical of any sort. 

2) If you’re still living inside your comfort zone and are still finding excuses to why your life sucks. We do not cover basic “life-changing” strategies on how to overcome fear or destroy limiting beliefs because frankly, they’re not life changing at all. There are other groups available that would better suit your needs if you are looking to “Fix” or “Heal” yourself. You are already a powerful creator and this group trains you on how to create powerfully in life.

3) If you’re difficult to teach, uncoachable, unable to adapt, and you generally have a strong biased opinionated frame of mind or a negative attitude or outlook in life, you will not fit in with the group and you will not stay very long.

4) If you’re offended by strong language, or if you’re a very sensitive person who is easily hurt by hearing the truth, then this group is definitely not for you. Ich and Jono do not sugar-coat their words and they will constantly be slapping you with what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

5) Lastly, we have a no-assholes policy. If you have a bad attitude and you like to complain, then this is not for you. When necessary, Ich and Jono will ban you in front of the entire group. So don’t be a dick.

Yes, we are selective of our members.

However, we do it for your benefit.

Once you’re accepted, you will see the power of having a community of like-minded supporters in your life.

To become a member, the next step would be to go to our Meetup page and click the “JOIN US” button and complete your application.

Join the rest of us already inside.

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